10 August 2012

Back to School Organization for Learning

As we gear up for back to school, we have multiple changes coming in our household…more on that in a later post.  For now, however, my youngest son has been waiting all summer to be a guest blogger at Learning to Muse because he is keen on organization and order and wants to share his tips with everyone.   In fact, he likes to remind the rest of the family--“when something is messy—clean it up so you can find the things you need more easily.

Title above & post & picture below by guest blogger, Isaac, fourth grader
When you are organized it can help you learn because if you know order you will find items more easily and you will be able to be prepared.
  • purchase items from the back to school supply list and check them off
  • put the biggest items on the bottom, and put the smaller items on top (see picture)
  • use folders for storing all homework and important papers
  • use composition notebooks for writing how-to pieces, stories and spelling words
  • use spiral notebooks because of the lined paper which helps you keep papers together so you won’t lose them, and you can even write letters to your teacher about what you are reading
  • use Ticonderoga pencils so when you write a lot in your composition notebook, your hands will not hurt
  • use a ruler to help measure in math
  • read books all summer so you can be a better reader
 So--get organized and have a great school year.