02 December 2013

Making & Moving for #Nerdlution

For years I was a maker.

I made
podcasts with my sons
video clips of my sons narrating their Lego projects

I even soldered tiny solar panels and made random household items with my invention-crazed young son who has always loved making and inventing things.

...and then...I stopped.  I stopped making because, well, because life caught up with me and I no longer prioritized making things.

Even though I have been trying hard to resist it, #Nerdlution has inspired me. All during Thanksgiving break I followed the tweets and read the blog posts by all the people who succumbed to the twitter peer pressure, and I told myself I would not be one of those people.  Guess I need to eat my words because the blogs have been too inspiring, and the twitter feed too amazing to resist.  Like many people who have shared their nerdlution, I also want to read, write, and exercise more each day.  I also decided I need to make again.  Therefore, for the next 50 days, I commit to making each day, and since it's more about the creative process of making than it is the product, I might work on the same thing or just mess around with making, and that's okay too.

 If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out the super helpful (and happy) blog post by Christopher Lehman to learn more.  You can also follow this hashtag (#nerdlution) on twitter to find many more blog posts and inspiring tweets about how people are coming together in an online community to support one another in achieving goals.