09 November 2014

Writing for an Inspiring Business Women's Magazine

My newest issue of Cake and Whiskey Magazine arrived in the mail this week, and it's arrival was made all the sweeter knowing I am a contributor to this issue. C&W is all about sharing inspirational stories of business women around the world. My article originated from an interview with Kendra Montejos, a young woman who immigrated from Peru when she was six years old. Her life experiences as an immigrant student and Spanish speaker in American public schools prompted her to create a mentoring and tutoring program for other immigrant children in rural Kentucky. If you are curious about her story, read C&W issue 7.

Educator's note:
Though it wasn't part of the article, I have to tell you that Kendra told me her most memorable assignment in public school was writing her own story. So, educators, in our quest to ensure students are ready for the academic writing that they will face in college, let's also remember that students have stories to share and we need to encourage them to tell, write, and share their stories with the world.