28 March 2012

10 Thoughts on Sentences

Beautifully crafted sentences lift my spirits, and sometimes that’s what one needs on a cloudy spring day.  It’s been a slow week at Learning to Muse, but it certainly has not been a week without reflection and conversation.  I found myself coming precariously close to skipping a post this week as I longed to craft a beautiful sentence and wasn’t quite satisfied with my efforts.

So…here are my musings on sentences…

For the past year I have
  •   been especially interested in sentences
  •  followed stories on NPR about sentences
  • attended writing workshops where writers talk about the craft of sentence construction
  • deconstructed Common Core State Standards to understand what students in K-12 are supposed to learn about sentences
  •  watched an amazing teacher in the United Kingdom discuss sentences with his students and with his colleagues
  •  summed up my current  professional life in a single sentence
  •  taught my sons about crafting sentences
  • shared mad libs for academics with my husband
  • asked teachers in workshops to write one sentence summaries
  •  participated in a Facebook posting chain where I grabbed the nearest book, turned to a specific page, and recorded a sentence. 
This week I read a superb New York Times article by one of my favorite fiction writers—Jhumpa Lahiri and then I read a favorite bedtime story with my 8 year old.  

My spirits are lifted.