05 March 2012

Preparing students for college doesn't mean turning them into snobs.

Our world keeps changing and the demands required of youth are changing as well, so it’s only right that more students need to earn postsecondary degrees of some sort to be prepared for life.   Conversations on this topic were plentiful last week at a national forum  for higher education on strategies for implementing the Common Core State Standards. 

What do we need to do?
We need to design programs that provide students opportunities, and we need to agree that students need more than cut scores on standardized tests to be ready for college degrees or certifications after high school. 

Students need to know
1)      how to manage their time, money, and resources
2)      how to take notes, study for tests, and read strategically
4)      how to learn collaboratively
5)      how to communicate with a variety of audiences
6)      how to use technology to enhance learning

We are not trying to change a culture, but we are trying to change opportunities provided to youth in a world shifting around them.