23 January 2013

I Was Never Really Excited about Moving to Kentucky

If I am perfectly honest, I'll have to admit that I was not at all excited about moving to Kentucky.  In fact, when my husband first told me he would like to apply to the Ph.D. program at the University of Kentucky, I just couldn't understand.  Why Kentucky?  He wanted to study at the university where Wendell Berry and Guy Davanport once taught, and he thought UK had an excellent English Program.

So, 9 1/2 years ago we uprooted our little family and moved to Kentucky for my husband to pursue doctoral work at the University of Kentucky.  We had a 2 week old baby boy and another son who was 2 1/2 years old.  Four weeks from the date of our move I started teaching at a high school in Lexington, and a week later my husband started his course work.

July 2003
You know what? I like it okay here in Kentucky, and now it’s difficult to imagine leaving. I’ve made a place for myself here, met amazing friends and colleagues, established myself in a career in education, earned National Board Certification for Teaching, volunteered for various projects in my sons’ schools and in the literary community, traveled all around the state and throughout the country, and have been raising our boys in one of the friendliest places I know. (Having lived in 9 different states in my life, I know plenty of places)

As of today—January 23rd, 2013—Our sole purpose for moving to Kentucky has been fulfilled. Chris successfully defended his dissertation this afternoon. Right now, I’m not really sure what comes next for our family, but it’s a gratifying feeling to know we finished (My husband finished) what we moved to Kentucky to complete.

Lexington, KY fall 2012
Lexington, KY fall 2012

Update August 2014: So far, we're still staying in Lexington. Read here to learn more.

Update August 2015: We're still here & our oldest son who was 2 1/2 when we moved here started high school.