10 August 2014

Sunday Salon: What I Read Online August 4-9

Kentucky Education Happenings

In Kentucky we have a new evaluation system called the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System. This article in the Lexington Herald Leader includes quotes by teachers, principals, and KDE effectiveness coaches. 

In this post, Kipp Hottman reflects on his time at the Let's TALK conference earlier this summer. He specifically notes words from an inspiring speech by Dr. Felicia Cumings Smith about how we all need to work together to get things moving. That's what I love about education in Kentucky, we have movers and shakers here and I couldn't be more proud to be part of the movement.

Art & Literacy

I was so impressed with this article and the photographs about a New York artist who camouflages models into New York City landmarks that I looked for more articles on the same topic. Actually, a Twitter friend sent me this other link to a video showing the art of Liu Bolin. I watched this video twice a day for three days in a row because I couldn't get enough of the amazing art presented here.

When thinking about unit planning and curriculum, does it get much better than an exchange between Grant Wiggins and Jim Burke

For years I have been following the happenings at City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco, and then I had the opportunity to visit this past winter.  This week I was excited to learn they are publishing an 80th birthday celebration collection of Diane di Prima's poetry.

Doing School Differently

Five schools in Michigan are rethinking learning spaces.  This article about flexible learning spaces is a must read if you're hoping to switch things up at your school.

Check out this article about helping students innovate as young entrepreneurs.

I am all about interdisciplinary learning--always have been.  A great quote from this article/book chapter "Only in school do we have 43 minutes of math and 43 minutes of English and 43 minutes of science."  Yep.  That's just about right, and why don't we change it?

What if we considered workplace/schoolplace satisfaction of teachers and students just as Google considers workplace satisfaction a key to their success? Read about why people matter at Google.

This article and infographic about jobs for our students by 2020 was fascinating.

Hiking & Being Healthy

While sitting here with my leg in a UK blue cast, I dream of hiking again this fall.  Well, then I read this article about a friend of a friend from North Carolina who came face to face with a grizzly bear at Glacier National Park.

Jennifer Pharr Davis and her company, Blue Ridge Hiking in Asheville, North Carolina continue to provide thoughts and considerations about hiking and trail life. In this particular post, she discusses the positive and negative of trail records. (In case you didn't know this--Jennifer Pharr Davis currently holds the record for the fastest thru hike of the Appalachian Trail--46 days!)

In this Mother Jones article by Chris Mooney, he suggests science says we should stop work and take a walk at 2:00 pm each day.  Sounds good to me.

Issues that Matter to Me

This well written op-ed about how our country thinks about torture was very thoughtful.

This TED talk and article provide hope.  The Terrorist's Son: A Story of Choice, by Zak Ebrahim with Jeff Giles. A young man discusses how he turned from his father's terrorist ways and decided to choose empathy.

I'm not a huge sports fan, but I was impressed to learn this week that the NBA has finally hired a woman as the first female-assistant coach.  This matters to me because I believe women should be able to compete in any job they desire.